Finding softness in a pose

The Yoga principles (described by Patanjali) include distractions. When we balance in the tree we have input from all around us, if we can quieten those our balance improves.

Similarly when we hold static postures we start getting input from the body. Some poses allow us to let go and find ease, others may find tension. The more tension,  the more distracted we become and the less we are in the posture.

So when preparing for a pose like warrior 2 we limber. Preparation allows the muscles, ligaments and bones to move freely. In hold the shoulders or hips and thighs may start to distract us. So a little movement or adjustment can release tension and thereby remove distraction.

Next time you are in Warrier 2 raise the arms slightly above horizontal and then relax the shoulders. This allows the weight of the arms to be supported by the bones and ligaments and not just through muscular effort. If there is tension then opening the chest moves the shoulder blades, a deep wide breath will allow that expansion and the exhalation allows release. Short breaths add tension so allow your breath to expand and breathe away tension. If it isn’t working then move out of the posture and then return with lightness.

We are all different so while our posture may look different from those around us it can bring us to a feeling of effortless effort. We just need to find that position!