Sukha Yoga

The Sukha Yoga club have moved to Daneshill, we are now at:

Unit F, Loddon Business Centre
Roentgen Road
Daneshill East
RG24 8NG

7:15 pm on a tuesday evening.

duration 90 minutes.

The cost is £7.50 for the first night, and then £7.50 a night for the rest of the term with 1 free class for new members.

A small committee run the club, organising the studio, membership, term dates and other matters concerning running the club.

We have a WhatsApp group to notify members if there are problems with the hall although we fortunately have very few of them.

The entrance is at the front, the studio up the stairs.

2 Replies to “Sukha Yoga”

  1. Hello,
    I am have been practising yoga at home for 2 years using ’30 days of yoga with Adrienne’ downloaded from Adrienne’s youtube channel. My understanding is that the channel is based on Hatha Yoga. I am 55 and have noticed a vast difference in my flexibility and have never attained the sense of peace and comfort in any area other area of my life which yoga gives me – it is very much a lifestyle choice for me. This is my first entry into the possibility of a public class. I am based in Popley Monday-Thursday and live in Bournemouth at the weekend with my wife in the family home.

    I understand there is a waiting list, but would be very happy to be considered.

    Best Wishes

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for contacting us. I will put you on the waiting list. Ironically when we were in a larger studio we had plenty of spaces but almost had to close down. Now we are in a smaller studio we have no spaces and a waiting list of 4 or 5!
      Perhaps our new intimate studio has made everyone more comfortable.
      Keep up the home practise. It really works!

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